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    [Is it atopic dermatitis? If you are concerned about dry skin or eczema, try these 3 skin care products first. It can be used all over the body. ]

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    Skin care 3-piece set contents
    [Step 1 Cleanser]

    A skin cleanser that gently cleanses while keeping moisture from the face to the body. Plant-derived ingredients and hyaluronic acid gently remove dirt from your skin while keeping it moisturized. Recommended for those with dry or sensitive skin, as it washes with gentle lather created with a sponge or net. It can be used on the whole body by the whole family, from babies onwards.

    [Step 2 Lotion]

    A mist lotion that can be sprayed onto the skin at any time and pressed slowly by hand. A simple formula of nano-colloidal silver and lavender that prevents rough skin while leaving your skin soft and smooth. No preservatives or alcohol. A mist lotion that can be used by the whole family. It is especially recommended for people with dry or sensitive skin as it can be used anywhere. Spraying it on sweaty skin will soothe itching.

    [Step 3 Moisturizing cream]

    A smooth cream containing plenty of hyaluronic acid is absorbed freshly into the dead skin, keeping it moisturized. Also contains plant-based shea butter. Although it is rich, it is not sticky and absorbs easily into the skin, making it smooth and preventing rough skin. Even those with sensitive skin can use it liberally not only on the face but also on the whole body.

    *Please note that container specifications are subject to change without notice.

    <ジェントルスキンケア> オーガニックアロエベラ抽出エキス、植物性サーファクタント、植物性ヒアルロン酸溶液、植物性防腐抗菌剤、クロロキシレノール、柑橘酸、ターメリック

    [10% off!!] Atopic skin care trial set

    【 内容量 】 ヒアルロンジェントルスキンクレンザー 178ml・コロイドシルバーラベンダーウォーター 178ml・ヒアルロンリコンストラクティブクリーム 118ml 【重量】750G
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