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    [Thank you for your hard work on the day! A reward mask for yourself]

    This ultimate anti-aging mask combines natural antioxidants like green tea, mangosteen, noni, and pomegranate with powerful antibacterial agents like calendula.It helps your skin, which has been subjected to external stress during the day, to become elastic and reborn the next morning.

    The plant-derived ingredients effectively target dullness, spots, and wrinkles that tend to make your skin look tired, and you'll wake up with perfectly moisturized and radiant skin.

    Step 1: Face wash Cleansing gel/cleansing lotion
    Step 2: Lotion Colloidal Silver Lavender Mist
    Step 3: Night/antioxidant mask

    *Please note that product names, container specifications, prices, etc. are subject to change without notice.

    Apply a small amount to fingertips and massage gently over face and neck.
    Rinse off after 10 minutes.
    If the skin is very dry, you may go to bed without rinsing.

    Sun-damaged skin, aged skin, dry skin

    Purified water, witch hazel extract (Plant derived), hyaluronic acid (Plant derived), glycerin (Plant derived), pomegranate extract (Plant derived), green tea extract (Plant derived), shea butter (Plant derived), vegetable oil (Plant derived), grape stem cell extract (Plant derived), mangosteen extract (Plant derived), noni extract (Plant derived), Australian daisy extract (Plant derived), chrysanthemum extract (Plant derived), cetyl alcohol (Plant derived), β-glucan (Oats derived), sclerotium gum (Plant derived), cyclodextrin (Plant derived), retinol (Plant derived vitamin A), tocopheryl acetate (Plant derived vitamin E), cetearyl alcohol (Plant derived), glyceryl stearate (Plant derived), sodium stearoyl lactate, leticin (Plant derived), ethylhexylglycerin (Plant derived), cetearyl olive oil fatty acid (Olives derived), sorbitan olive oil fatty acids (Olives derived), caprylic hydroxamic acid, methylpropanediol, Saccharomyces lysate extract (Plant derived)

    [Hylunia] Antioxidant Mask (50ml)

    【 内容量 】 1.7 fl. oz. / 50 ml. [Weight] 150g
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